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R&D Collaboration

University of Regina

Commercial/Residential Discharged Water Treatment

The University of Regina is collaborating with NACO Technology to research and develop new methods of treating discharge water from both commercial and residential sources.  The goal of the project is to develop innovative techniques that can be used to treat discharge water more effectively, safely, and affordably. The results of the project will be used to inform future water treatment strategies in Canada, and will help to ensure that Canada and the world is prepared for the challenges posed by the lack of drinkable water communities are facing.

Projected Pilot Project Plan:

Buffalo Pound sk.JPG

1. Buffalo Pound

2. Farm in Saskatchewan

Farm in Saskatchewan.JPG

Japanese Company

High Performance Fertilizer

The cooperation between NACO Technology and the Japanese company will bring an organic liquid fertilizer in a form of amino acids, rich with nutrients that promote rooting as well as absorption by plants. This new product can help farmers counter the effects on tree vigor caused from long term harvesting when there's not enough rainfall or soil fertility due to unfavorable weather conditions such as droughtiness/high temperatures. This new fertilizer will definitely be a game-changer in the agricultural industry.

Rooting effect.JPG

Rooting Effect

Improved soyben quality.JPG

Improved Soybean Quality

Other Japanese Fertilizer Products

  1. Nexus Series: Promotes the development of underground parts (roots, stems). Makes flower buds fuller and fruit set more vibrant when puffing fruit and extracting sugar.

  2. Liquid Fertilizer Series: The Originator of Organic Fertilizer with 50 Years History! Supplementing crops with amino acids, nucleic acids, and vitamins with organic liquid fertilizers.

  3. Strong Green Series: Liquid fertilizer with organic matter and trace elements.

  4. Horticultural Suspension Series: Using a dedicated fertilizing gun (ECOJust) to inject the fertilizer stock solution through the mulch.

  5. Super Saver: Japan's first inflow-type liquid fertilizer for paddy fields. Both base fertilizer and top dressing can be used.

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