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An integrated solution provider for the water treatment industry.

We Respect  the Sacred Relationship with  Water !

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NACO Technology can help you achieve your clean water goals

•NACO Technology is a water treatment company that specializes in providing integrated solutions for the water treatment industry.

• NACO offers a complete line of water treatment products and services, from water purification and filtration to sewage treatment and wastewater management.

• NACO also provides water consulting and engineering services to help clients develop and implement effective water treatment solutions.


What We Offer

Water Drops


Our vision is  to provide recyclable and retainable clean water for the people & society and to create and maintain a better environment for sustainable development.

To achieve this, water treatment is necessary to make water fit for human consumption. Water treatment involves the removal of impurities from water so that it becomes safe and clean to drink or use. 

3 Main Pillars of Our Business

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1. Water Source:

Whole Lifespan Natural Water Body Management 

2. Processing Management:

Industrial Water Treatment

3. Discharged Water:

Residential / Commercial Waste Water Treatment System

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Trust, Responsibility & Execution


28 Great Plains Road,  Suite 30C-1, 

Emerald Park, SK S4L 1B8, Canada


Pouring Clear Water
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